Book Review: Storms of the Living Dead by Charles Bukowski

Book: Storms of the Living Dead

Author: Charles Bukowski

My Review and Thoughts:

You either love him or hate him, or simply don't care as He would say thinking about what you thought. 

Visionary or just a dirty old man, you decide.

But in all reality he was one of the Great poets of all time. His simplistic, descriptive, raw, in your face poetry truly stood out above most poets. His raw nature and blunt mentality in creating pieces of everyday poetry ended up grabbing the reader and making an experience of what he saw, left or just simply scribbled down. 

He was a down to earth poet. His poems are life. Basic humdrum daily routines or adventurous storytelling. He basically didn't give a crap about the basics or what was normal or what was suppose to be. His poetry became a reality in itself.

This book I am reviewing is no different. The raw trashy nature and blunt mentality comes full force off the page. These poems are more structured at times. Some of them have a normality to them. 

There is a descriptive wordplay that is brilliant and that only Charles could do. He was truly a one of a kind soul. His words became the very nature of prose. His poetry often elicited emotions or no emotions at all. This collection of Poetry is fascinating and truly eye opening. I really loved this book and reading the uncollected poems was absolutely fantastic.

He can bring out the emotions, mostly laughter and disgust which makes his writing a brilliant overtone of vibrant dark colors that bleed into your soul. He grabs you. Holds you. Rapes you with his blunt nature and most of all doesn't butter the toast in writing, but slams you with a brick in the face. Raw uncontrolled insanity. 

An emotional roller coaster of Words.

He brings to life in all there detail and glory of useless mundane actions that come together to bring forth his genius, dirty mind on page.

Would I Return to Again: Already have. I scanned it twice and read several of the pieces that stand out.

Would I Recommend: Absolutely to any fan and poet lover.

Four Words: Blunt, Funny, Dirty, Brilliant.

My Rating: 4 out of 5