My Top 20 Children and Young Adult Book Series

My Choices of Top 20 Best Children and Young Adult Book Series 


Captain Underpants Series of Books. This is a comical, silly, funny childish humor. Little children love this series and it's truly just a simple silly laughable wonderment. Each page packs a silliness that sticks with you.


The Dark Rising Sequence is a wonderful fantasy book series that is truly a classic. Highly recommended.


The Spiderwick Chronicles is a magical adventure series that truly stands out. I think young and old can enjoy this series. 


A Series of Unfortunate Events. A wonderful, dark and yet comical at the same time. A fantasy style of adventure and one event after another. I think young and old can enjoy this series of books. 


I grew up with the Encyclopedia Brown series. Love it still to this day and highly recommend it to any child or young adult. Classic series. 


I absolutely love this series. Truly a comical wonderment that is cute and adventurous in the childlike reality of imagination and childhood. I laugh so hard in this series of books. 


A fantastic futuristic science fiction series that both young and old can enjoy. This was a series I felt grabbed you and took you on an ultimate adventure and action ride. 


Redwall comes in at number 13. A fantastic fantasy series that young and old will absolutely enjoy. A fantastical series of adventure and action all through the world of animals both great and small. 


One of my favorite series. I still love to re-adventure and read these over and over. A fantastic Vampire series of books. Pure awesome, fun, spooky and downright impressive for Young Adult books. 


A popular set of books that young adults and even adults flocked to, to read. It's a mixture of action and science fiction, fantasy and drama. 


The love it or hate it Vampire series that captured a whole generation of young and old. It was a pivotal and popular series. It easily goes at number 10, possibly even lower than the Number 10 spot.


The fantastic series with a wonderful peaceful message. The one and only Little House on the Prairie series. 


Coming in at Number 8 is the wonderful long running series The Babysitters Club. A wonderful series for Kids. 


The Boxcar Children. One of my favorite book series as a child. I absolutely love this series. A wonderful collection for young kids. Always highly recommended. 


Number 6 is The Time Quintet series. A Wrinkle in Time is one the great books of all time.


Number five the fantastical fantasy series The Chronicles of Narnia. This also has a wonderful message behind it.


Number four is the amazing Inheritance Cycle. A wonderful fantasy series.


A Tie for third place. The classic mystery series of Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. Iconic young adult books.


A Tie From Author R.L. Stine. He is apart of both categories. Young Adult with the amazing Fear Street Saga which can be enjoyed by both adult and teenager. And coming in for the children's series the classic Goosebumps Series which needs no introduction.


The ever lovable Harry Potter comes in at Number 1, to me that's an easy choice because the books are written in away that all ages can enjoy. Young and Old. It created a world where a generation of children, young adults and adults became apart of a magical fantasy reality that swooped up the masses of imagination.