A Letter to a new Writer

(A person recently sent me there unpublished novel, asking for my advice and thoughts, this is what I wrote to them.)

Hello dear writer and reader:

First off, I want to apologize for my tardiness. I have been super busy moving. You know how moving is, very daunting and very tiring. It has me spent with total tiredness.

Anyways I want to say first and foremost I was greatly honored in being allowed to read your novel. I love coming across those who love to read, and write. I find persons that seek great knowledge though books and then adventure in writing one’s story of imagination on page, to be greatly praised in this faltering world. Sadly, today’s society is slowly falling away from books. We must never not want to create stories that others can adventure into and become lost and pleased at the same time.

Writers are what I consider a form of perfection. There is a saying I use, “Anyone can be a writer, but not everyone can be a good writer.” What makes a good writer is a sense of adventure. A form of imagination that slowly builds and creates and controls in a sense a wavering hand that needs to bring pen to paper, or currently keyboard to screen.

I read your novel with great enthusiasm. I honestly was not expecting much, don’t get me wrong, but something I do is review books. Many authors have sent me their books to review. I run a book review website www.451b6129ths.com This is a place I read and share my thoughts on what I thought of a person’s book. I love reading and, so I love writing about books. So, when I got your novel I was just looking for another quick read, another mundane novel that I tend to get a dime a dozen of. To be honest I was just not expecting much. Well I have to say I was taken back as I read. For a first-time unpublished novel, I found myself thoroughly entertained. I enjoyed your characters and the unfolding plot. I saw a great sense of exploration and ultimate imagination in your story. It was fun, original and very unique for a first time write.

Pointers I can give to any writer is, always read, focus on stories. To be an awesome writer, one must explore books throughout history. Second pointer, is build your characters as if they are your personal friends, family or enemies. Make your character living, breathing humanity, or in sometimes, non-human form (smirks). This allows the reader to relate to that. And the third and final pointer is description, description, description. Meaning place your reader in the situation. Make them see it, feel it, taste it, fear it, love it, describe everything that obtains to that moment in your story. Make your reader become the book. How you do that is create knowledge and imagination on paper.

Now the reason I pin pointed those three pointers is for your first-time novel, I was happy to see and feel those realities inside your writing. Some better advice to give a writer is always achieve the next step. Meaning always hold dear your older writing, but ultimately try and achieve a greater exploration than the first time you wrote. Meaning move, flow, make better the next novel.

Again, thank you for your story. I read it with great passion and most of all I fell in love with your characters. I could relate to them. And you built an ultimate imagination for this reader to become apart of and explore.

In signing off, read, read, read, and most of all write in away that you love to read. Write for the unknown reader what amazes you. What builds inside your imagination. Bring forth on page your thoughts, desires, moments of darkness. Become the pen to page, page to pen.

Always your Friend: Abraham