Book Review: Stephen King's The Stand (Uncut Version)

Author: Stephen King

My Review and Thoughts:

The Stand is a complex, multiple character story surrounded by a diverse storyline that ultimately builds a journey into a multilayered conclusion. 

A spectacular, imaginative end to a thick plotted novel. 

Equal parts fairy tale, and equals part horror drama. A Wizard of Oz journey in a sense of following the yellow brick road, but instead of the yellow brick and the wizard, it’s dreams as the road, and the wizard there seeking is Mother Abagail. The final showdown with the wicked witch which is The Dark Man is an imaginative orgy of horror, drama and somewhat inspirational reality of good and evil.

Some will say this is Stephen Kings best, I don’t agree with that, I think his best is IT. The Stand is a novel that many will struggle with. Something Stephen King is famous for is his long-winded description, or as I always call it “Filler”, meaning a writer fills the pages with useless mundane story to make the novel longer. The Stand has two forms. The original version which I read 20 years ago running at 823 pages, and this version I am reviewing, the Uncut, Unedited version which runs 1,152 pages. Now after reading both versions, I love the original version best. I can see why a lot of the pages where cut. I feel the uncut version rambles on, and is just too long. I have nothing against long novels, some of my favorite books are long novels. It’s about substance. It’s about, is the long story relevant, or is it just Filler. I feel with The Stand uncut is mostly Filler.

Looking at The Stand which I feel is an important novel of storytelling, and showcasing to others that they need to at least give The Stand a read. The Stand is truly a thought provoking reality, that comes together with a strong start, a creative reality of building dynamic characters, and the ultimate showdown of good and evil, which transcends off the page into the readers imaginative mind.

Stephen King will always be a writing god. No matter of hits and misses’ fans adore his story prose, and his page turning reality. I have been a King fan since I was 10 years old. My first novel I ever read of his mastery was IT, I was 10 years old and forever became horrified, satisfied, and amazed. I have read all his books to date, well as of this writing Sleeping Beauties is on my To Be Read Pile. But my point is Stephen King is a brilliant and amazing writer that can grab the reader in an emotional roller coaster that never stops, even after the last page has be turned.

Would I Recommend: In a heartbeat. I feel it’s a novel that should be read. It’s one of the best books in building characters. The Stand to me is that reality, a character driven story. A multilayered character studies. The good and the bad. The right and the wrong. The sane and the insane. The characters are what makes this book complete and memorable.

Would I Return to it: This is my 2nd time, so I already have returned to it?  

How I Read it: Book Form

Pages: 1,152

My Rating:

Original: 5 out of 5
The Uncut: 4 out of 5

Four Words: Brilliant, Complex, Diverse storytelling.