Book Review: Peter James The House on Cold Hill

Book: The House on Cold Hill

Author: Peter James

My Review and Thoughts:

This is a simple ghost story. A wonderful little read that flows easily for the reader to become apart of the happenings. 

The characters are simple and down to earth. The book itself is nothing knew in the ghost department of books. The plot has been down a thousand times. With that said, that does not mean it's a bad book, it's just a wonderful rehash of countless other ghost story plots. 

The ending was very easy to figure out and the situation displayed itself like an episode of X-Files or a paranormal TV show. Best way to describe it, is it's like a made for TV movie. A Lifetime Movie Network movie of the week displayed on pages.

This is my first adventure into a Peter James book. I was thoroughly entertainment and finished the book very quickly. Like I said it flows with a down to earth ease. The writing at times, is flat, monotone, easy to read. It reminded me of what I call a dime store novel. Meaning these type of books are a dime a dozen. It reminded me of a quick chapter book. Easily could have been chopped by a hundred pages. That is one reality it has against it, stretched out. Chop by a hundred pages and you would be set with this one.

Peter James knows how to grab and hold onto the reader until the end. He pin points and carves out all the basic points of a ghost story.

The plot is simple. A house. A house that has many dark secrets and horrible happens throughout the years. Countless deaths and unsolved mysteries. Flash to the present and you are introduced to the characters of the main plot, Ollie the dad, Caro the mom and Jade the 12 year old daughter. They happen to move into Cold Hill House. An old mansion style, basically falling apart. Ollie and Caro go about hiring people to try and fix the place up. Soon that enters the realm of almost impossibility as more and more money is added up in fixing the old place. Add in all the strange moments, happenings, and mysterious actions and you have a haunted house.

The biggest downfall to the book besides the length is the many unanswered questions. The story leaves a lot of the plot untold, even though the book is to long. Just to mention a few, who did the old Vicar see at the top of the steps, and why did he know them. How could the ghost attack others off the property. Maybe I am playing to much into it, but that's just me.

If you want a simple fun ghost story with no real originality or scary moments then this is a great read on the level of a dime store novel. It's all been done before, but still very entertaining.

Would I Return to it Again: No once was enough. I will read more books by Peter James, I like his down to earth, easy writing, that transforms into easy reading.

Would I Recommend: For Ghost lovers and those that enjoy simple, fast reads.

My Rating: 3 out of 5

How I Read: Book Form

Pages: 339

Four Final Words: Simple. FUN. Entertaining. Easy.