Perfect Nightmare by John Saul

My Review and Thoughts:

A great example of an exciting read of spooks and most of all creepiness. Wild twists and turns. Great characters and great frights. A mixed bag of suspense and edge of your seat moments that keep you guessing and floored at the very deep story and dark nature of the frights that only Saul could do. Something I have always been entertained by is stories that make your skin crawl and that's what this story plays at.

The thought of someone or something seeking victims has always played perfect in the horror world and that is what Saul does with this book, he blends the classic with the modern. Such force is displayed in this sharp tale of horror and Saul gives an exciting spooky tale with all the twists and turns you would expect in a great horror story and from Saul's imagination. He graces the pages with the spectacular wonders of chills and nightmares.

Another book that is priceless to behold, to read for those who love horror stories with thick drawn out plots and character build up. Saul can raise the neck hairs, send in the Goosebumps, bring forth the spine to tingle, the heart to race and the heavy breathing to happen in this tense book.

This book brings chills while reading the bad guys thoughts, you get to enter his mind, hear his demons and become a part of his insanity. A kick in the gut as you follow along with his deranged ordeal. John Saul knows how to play with the reader and knows just how to place the creeps into frightening reality. What stands out the most is that Saul captures the ordeal of the victim, you feel the pain and the struggle and the fear. Also in this book, you have the helplessness of the victims loved ones as they struggle to cope and come to terms with what is happening.

You get all sides to the ordeal, the bad guy, the victim, the family all bringing a tight woven story together for the reader to take a hold of and experience it firsthand adding to the wonderful writing quality that is John Saul. I love the tension and terror that flows off the page and into the readers mind. The darkness of a basement, a missing object and that dread of knowing something is not right and then it happens, hands grab you in the darkness. The book knows how to pull the reader to the edge.

You want to scream out in fright or scream out to help the innocent person about to be attacked. The book gets under your skin and stays there releasing its horror in slow calculated doses to frighten the reader and to cause the blood pressure to rocket sky high page after page.

One hell of an original true ending that will stick with you and give you pure satisfaction in how the conclusion takes place. A twist and turn ending with shocks and a kick in the gut reality that works perfect. A great twisted little book of pure Goosebumps and tension. The shocking past story comes out in graphic details as the killer is finally revealed. The final showdown I was on the edge of my seat with frustration and anger and tension and thrills running wild in me.

A great read. A must read, a Perfect Book.