Karen Whites The House on Tradd Street

My Review and Thoughts:

Karen White is a powerful genius when it comes to crafting a story around life and mixing in a little strange. White can grab the reader and send them into the book and you become a player inside the story. White’s word play is descriptive and very passionate and beautiful in describing the reality taking place page after page.

Rich storytelling is the best way to describe the emotional and intense and comical and down to earth insight into the character. The character of Melanie’s and the struggle and day to day reality as she faces the truth around her is written perfectly. This is a perfect novel with a flare of the paranormal. A tale that creates the pure imagination inside the readers mind to over flow. Karen White has a way of embracing the readers mind and heart and ends up making a truly remarkable book.

Each character is developed in flawless details. You can relate to each of them. This is a mystery book with hidden secrets and lies and most of all a sweet southern reality that only the south knows about and Karen White tackles the southern sweet charm. I am from the south born and raised in Knoxville Tennessee so it’s a treat to see a book based in Charleston South Carolina.

The book is filled with beautiful words and images in word play come to life. As you move through the pages it gets more and more deep into the story that the readers mind and imagination become one with the characters and the story itself.

So, after Melanie inherits the old house from the strange old man she had just met all she can see is a rundown shack because of her past and, she is a city girl but, the house is stunning work of art, an old home with Tiffany windows that just needs a few fine touches to grace it with its total beauty.

She sees frustration and ghosts. The amazing cast of characters make the story stand out even farther then what it already did as being a great read. The housekeeper a big fat lady named Mrs. Houlihan and the small white and black dog named General Lee both came with the house. What is really a gem to the story is the underlining of humor and sarcastic tones at times with the characters. I giggled at spots and laughed out loud.

The growing friendship and relationship between Melanie and Jack is truly a funny, romantic and priceless ordeal. Soon the story gets a little thicker when Melanie realizes her house has a darker side or at least the people of the past living in it or surrounding it, did. And soon she learns there are two missing people associated with the house, both have been missing for 70 years.

A priceless wonderful read. Something that I highly recommend. Something I probably will return to and read again. A fantastic book of story, of characters, and the sweet southern charm and mystery of the Deep South.