A Room for the Dead by Noel Hynd

A Room for The Dead (THE GHOST STORIES OF NOEL HYND Book 3) by Noel Hynd

This is my second time reading this book. I first read it when it was published back in the day, good lord I'm getting old, anyways this is a great read. I always loved the very descriptive nature of this book.

Very violent, very graphically pictured through words. It leaves nothing to the imagination in the actions of the perpetrators in the book.

Been a fan of Hynd my whole life and I consider this one of his greats. Absolutely loved the main character, Detective Sgt. Frank O'Hara. This book is very gripping in the edge of your seat suspense, but also a nightmarish quality to it, because you're dealing with a detective having to solve crimes by a man who had been electrocuted and put to death already.

Really loved the word play. Loved the storytelling. Loved the graphic content and the amazing horror inducing moments that are both frightening and memorable. I highly recommend this book for lovers of thrillers and horror style detective stories.