The Martian by Andy Weir

The Martian by Andy Weir

Thrilling, edgy, captivating. A unique exploration of Science, with the will and desire to live. The only main problem I had with it was the science talk. The constant mumbo jumbo of technical talk gave me a headache, and turned me off in spots. The story, is fresh, brilliantly told through the idea of imaginative means. It has a solid premise, and an unorthodox prose about it, that is hard to explain unless you have read it. I think this will be an amazing movie, if it is done right.

This took me back to my childhood watching one of my all-time favorite films, Robinson Crusoe on Mars. Not that The Martian is like that movie, but it brought that image to my mind, a man alone on Mars struggling to survive.

The Martian is amazingly popular in the reading world and I feel soon to be in the movie world. The praise is most defiantly deserved. The story is so well thought out and written with a believable sense of the human will in a strange land; in this case a strange world. The strongest part of the book is also its weakest. The descriptive nature is both fantastic, and yet mind numbing. Loved the character. Mark is just a fantastic character that never wavers in really feeling for him, and his ordeal, and the reality. His will to build, survive and stay sane is very captivating. The mind-numbing part is what I have already mentioned, much of the story is techno, science jargon.

It is one of the smartest Science Fiction books in a long time. It’s dramatic, very believable. It gave a truth to the Science Fiction world. I guess one could say it is a manual text for everything to try and do to survive on a planet.

Absolutely loved the personality of the character of Mark Watney. He gave a splendid, smirk inducing and often time, a light-hearted reality to his ultimate position.

Some readers will love more than others. I was stuck in the middle. I loved it in spots and then I loathed it in spots. The start of the book was fantastic, but as it progressed for me, the text book reality of education lost me in many spots, not because I am stupid, but because I was just plain bored senseless with the text book, science talk.

Great character. Great premise. Great imaginative undertaking. I really was entertained and thought this was a fantastic character study in the will to live no matter what.