Lie in Wait by Eric Rickstad

Lie in Wait by Eric Rickstad

I guess I could say I became an instant fan after I read The Silent Girls. I knew then that I had found an author that really knew how to take the reader on a journey of a twisted, spiraling plot that takes total control of you, and that is what Rickstad has done yet again with this book.

Lie in Wait is a flawless mystery, suspense thriller that leaves you the reader turning page after page to find the conclusion of the plot. Something I like about Rickstad is, he does not fool the reader. He does not talk down to the reader. He makes the reader apart of his story. So many authors think their readers are dumb, or ignorant, but Rickstad maintains a mastery in storytelling, and places that plot, characters, and conclusion, into a believable reality that makes you think, and conclude this writer is utterly awesome. Yes, I used the word Awesome in a review.

I like when I come across an author that not only transcends off the pages, but allows the reader to be controlled by the characters. Lie in Wait is a deep murder mystery that has you on the edge throughout. The main character Detective Sonja Test is one of those characters that you know. Test is a friend, a mother, a passionate person speaking for the innocent, or the victim. Rickstad writes Test in such a degree, that yes, she is real, she’s someone you know, or maybe Test, is you yourself.

In this story, Test is pulled into a vicious murder. A teenage girl is brutally slaughtered. Taking homage of all the old classic horror movies, she was the babysitter, babysitting a child when she was killed. The plot takes one twist after the other as a small town, on the verge of anger, and violence during a touchy, high profile court case. During this reality is when the young babysitter is slaughtered while watching the Attorney’s kids.

A town filled with secrets and lies, but most of all a hidden reality. I love how Rickstad takes you into this community, allows you to experience the small-town feel. The remote nature. All towns have secrets, and Canaan Vermont is no different.

An intense, adrenaline ride of suspense and mystery that gets under your skin, and sends your nerves into overdrive.

Brilliantly told and executed in a flawless form of storytelling. A deep, dark thriller that leads to a complete satisfaction. Powerful characters. Awesome character development. The idea of a page turner is a clich├ęd comment in book reviews, but I must say it, Lie in Wait was a pager turner that left me loving Eric Rickstad all over again.

Year Published: 2015