The Children's Hour by Douglas Clegg

The Children's Hour: A Supernatural Thriller by Douglas Clegg

“but this thing, this IT, is down there, I know it is, milking us, milking our children,” –The Children’s Hour

I first fell in love with Douglas’s imagination with the unique, dark horror, fairy tale, type story of his novel Neverland. Douglas has away with his imaginative words, that bleed a reality, that causes nightmares, and the mind of the reader to go into somewhat terror, as they read. 

There is a sense of dread, fear, anger, hatred, but most of all, true life. He has a style of writing, and an understanding of the situation taking place in his stories, and The Children’s Hour is no different.

This is a book that is truly a deep, dark, and twisted horror tale of pure imaginative evil, yet mixed with a concept of dramatic moments of personal emotion, that each reader can understand and take with them. The characters are so well crafted through actions and personal hardships, and a lingering difficult past, that you can’t help but understand, and feel for those characters brought to life on page.

This is a unique trip, almost a vampiric style of horror that only a gifted writer can bring to light. Another solid read from a truly magical, imaginative creator of characters and situations that linger, that haunt the nightmares of the readers. Clegg is an old-style brilliance of horror. A fantasy created through nightmares and darkness.

The Children's Hour is a story that showcases a somewhat human plague of death, yet spirals into a classic legacy that might tempt you to think blood drinkers, vampires, yet it's so different and unique in that it's not just another vampire story, or walking dead, or an undead plot. It's about a darkness, an old evil waiting. Every town has that covered secret. Ever 
town has that hidden well. Ever town can be plagued with an ancient, demonic persona.

Clegg gives you more. Clegg destroys your waking self and makes you enter the darkness of the crypt. The stench of decay, and most of all the very lust of sucking the life from the very veins of the living.