Paul Proffet's Crossover and Crossback

Paul Proffet’s Crossover

An interesting, tight weaved story that enters the realm of a pure realistic style thriller.

This is equal parts thriller mixed with all the under currents of a horror tale. Add in a serial killer, supernatural means of seeing the dead, also the underbelly of crime bosses and Russian thugs. Unique and very different.

This is like two books in one but combined as a single novel. A thriller horror. The book flows with an ease in that it becomes a part of you and allows you to experience the characters first hand. Your main two characters are so unique, and yet so perfect. I think that is what makes this book stand out is the two main leads are so twisted and so utterly original that both stick with you, and grow on you, and are like living personas from the page into your imagination.

This is my second adventure reading Proffet’s work.

Proffet has an easy way of drawing you into his story. His characters are brilliantly weaved inside a depth that you become a part of, or simply put, that you can relate to, or become fascinated with. Doyle is possibly one of the coolest characters I have had the pleasure of reading. This book further ads to the world of this man, caught between supernatural means. Doyle now faces another twisted character who is killing children.

This book is equal parts brutality and equal parts flawless representation of what, and how to create a story that remains with you. This is a tight, suspense filled orgy of violence and detection in the most interesting ways.

I think this is a unique series that the reader easily becomes a part of the actions, and situations happening. It’s a book that turns its page, over and over until the satisfying conclusion. This deep, and dark journey takes the reader, inserts them in the process of unflinching actions as the book progresses. That’s the beauty of Proffet’s writing. He demands an audience. He demands his readers a complex mastery in characters, and he creates those characters in ordeals, that transcend off the page into the imagination.

Crossback is a unique story that furthers my love for Proffet’s writing. He creates a reality that only he can create. He gives oxygen to fictional persons that seem real. He allows you to enter this dark world of depravity and violence, and gives a descriptive tone of that ultimate suspense horror.

A mix of brilliant supernatural fantasy that is laced with a detective story style telling. If Arthur Conan Doyle had written Sherlock as a supernatural Detective or solver of unexplainable crimes, then this would be the way he would have written him. Doyle and all the characters in Proffet’s Crossback and Crossover has that brilliant mentality of being memorable, like Sherlock.

Would I Return to it again: I loved this book, just like I loved Cross Over? Crossback is a unique story that grabs a hold of you. Sends your imagination into a realm of supernatural flawlessness that never let’s go.

Would I Recommend: Absolutely. I recommend both books. I thought CrossBack was a worthy book to praise and share, review, and spread the word about it.