Grave Intent by Deborah LeBlanc

Mystery, suspense, a supernatural element and an interesting tale of the past and of the present.

You were introduced to the Savoy family who runs a mortuary, funeral home and burial site and crematorium. Soon that family meets a group of individuals that follow a leader who contains the gift of supernatural means. Sense of good and evil, a sense of an evil gift through a Cult like dictator, controller known as a group of individuals worshiping something beyond what society considers the norm.

Now Janet and Michael Savoy experience something that they have never seen before. That most of the population has never seen before in their latest client the Stevenson family. There 19-year-old daughter Thalia has died from a freak accident. The Stevenson's pick a local funeral home where the Savoy learn that the Stevenson's belief is if a person dies, that spot, that area is where their soul remains.

Now the Stevenson family are gypsies. They contain all the ancient beliefs systems and act upon the very nature of their legends and most of all their truths hidden inside the strange world of good and evil.

From ancient rituals and incantations, and a gold coin which is placed upon the dead body of Thalia.

But all hell breaks loose when that Coin is stolen from the dead body. True horror unfolds unto the Savoy’s. The ancient legend states that if the coin cannot be found and placed back upon the body before the rising of a second sun, one of their family members will die a horrible death.

The coin is the key to stop the revenge of the gypsies. Nothing is worse than a curse by a dead Gypsy seeking revenge.

This is a nice little story induced book that grabs the reader in many sections and is relatable to read. The reader can interact with the characters in the book because each one of them are down to earth and believable, each one seems like an average person. The Savoy family, is the family we can all relate to, the struggle of work, the struggle of being busy, children, marriage, and stubborn family members.

It's a simple read fast and quick. I like all the characters. You are introduced to each one in a vivid way. Each character comes together so that the reader can imagine they are real.

The book does flow easily as the reader reads, but sometimes there is some slow parts that tend to get a little stretched out. There are parts that seem like just filler to the book, making it longer than it needs to be. This reality makes the book at times feel too long.

With that negative, it is still an enjoyable book. I think the book is written in a vivid reality that the reader can relate to. It’s written in a way you become the book when you read the sentences. The situations become visual images in your mind as you scan page after page.

I enjoyed the style that it's written in. I enjoyed the vivid nature. I enjoyed the story. I have always been a fan of ancient curses and legends and all that type of reality. This book is filled with a down-to-earth way of understanding and differentiating from the good and the bad and most of all, consequences of one person or other people's actions.