Darker than Night by John Lutz

John Lutz talent reminds you of the vintage day mysteries and yet is all modern. An interesting cat and mouse game. A serial killer is always a great mystery subject, a great plotted ordeal.

John Lutz can grab the reader with his writing. Your introduced to some of your characters in wonderful down to earth details such as Detective Fedderman described as, married, having trouble getting it up, bad breath, upset stomach, balding and 30 pounds overweight. His partner detective Pearl Kasner described as a good looker, great rack, nice ass, could be an actress or model if was taller.

Most of all is your main star, the main character Frank Quinn described as an inch over 6 feet tall, twice broken nose, square jaw, short chopped dark hair, lanky, green flat eyes, cop eyes. What is amazing about this story is it’s not written out like your basic cop fiction. Your main hero Quinn is in, forced retirement because he was about to reveal dirty cops and so before he could report them they framed him as being a child rapist, placing child porn on his computer and making a child come forward. They told him to retire, so he had to costing him his reputation and career and his marriage.

Now with the help of a Captain Harley Renz who wants to be the new Chief of police offers Quinn a deal, he gives him a case to solve that everyone else thinks are a murder suicide, Renz does not believe that and so he wants Quinn to solve it for he can take the credit and when Renz is the new Chief he will clear Quinns name and reinstate him.

Bad cops, good cops, a serial killer, false accusations, cover ups, murder, stalking, sex games, thick characters, detectives, sexual harassment, investigations, and just so much more.

Hearing a noise in the next room saying to yourself it's the house settling or old pipes all the while thinking just maybe a masked killer is there. This is one of those novels that sticks out with that reality, that hidden fear or something you can't control, the boogieman in the dark waiting, slowly, silently, waiting to strike out in all his crazy glory.

This is a great descriptive story but that is also its downfall or at least the negative to this review. Too much side story between the three detectives. The book flashes with too many characters and side actions to those characters. I fill this book has too much filler or nonsense moments just to make the book longer.

Even though this book is about a serial killer at times it seems the killings are secondary or at least not the focus point at times with the rattling page after page of Quinn and Pearl and so on. It mixes great moments but nothing to stand out. The killings are mentioned like a side item so you sense or imagine the killings told in text book format or better put not described graphic enough to give the reader a sense of how horrible this killer is.

Most mentions are like a secondary glance of "oh he stabbed them" or "he shot them." I think the highlight of the story was the back-story of Luther. I enjoyed the ultimate climax, the nice twist ending yet I felt the book was way too long and just filled with unimportant stuff.

Great author, great moments, an interesting read. Some will like some will not, I am 50/50 with this book. I like some of it and I loathe some of it.