Conspiracy: JFK's Second Shooter / Conspiracy: Russian Assassins in America by Lucian

Conspiracy: JFK's Second Shooter

I am a huge sucker for anything on JFK’s murder. Non-fiction to fictional I love it. I was contacted by the author for an honest review of his books. He has written three books all standalone yet linger on one main idea, “CONSPIRACY”. The books are numbered 1, 2 and 3, but as I have stated, each one can be read alone, because each book has its own plot. I started with book 2.

Conspiracy: JFK's Second Shooter is a tight suspenseful plot that takes historical realities, and mixes them into a fictional setting that seems plausible. The book flows with an ease. The reader can understand everything taking place, and you start wondering what’s going to happen next as the book continues its spiraling mystery.

It has all the trademarks of a thriller. This would truly make a great film, or this book series would make a great inspiration or a TV show. I think one reason this book really works is there is a backdrop of real history. There is some great research and creation of some great characters. Lucian can spark the plot and move the reader wanting to know what the real outcome is. Lucian can go up there with such thriller writers as Ben Coes and David Baldacci, but still has his own ability of originality that stands out. He is very creative, and most assuredly has an imagination that does not let down, or let go of you as you read.

Conspiracy buffs. Lovers of history mixed around a fictional setting. JFK Assassin followers. I feel will all take to this interesting thriller. The best way to describe Lucian is If Jim Marrs ever decided to write fiction for a living, it would be this reality.

I think Lucian deserves a fan base. Lucian can create a story that is memorable, mysterious, and well thought out and concluded. Great characters. Great plot. A great read.

Would I Return to it Again: I love this idea of a series of books related to a conspiracy idea as the subject into each story, yet each a standalone. So yes, I was thoroughly entertained.

Would I Recommend: Absolutely. Specifically, to those who love thriller books with an edge of reality to them yet mixed with all the wonderments of fiction.

Year Published: 2014

Book Length: 238 Pages

How I Read it: Kindle

Four Word: Thrilling. Makes you think.


Conspiracy: Russian Assassins in America

Again, Lucian has created a unique exploration of adding History, intrigue and thrilling actions. This is my second book by this author and I must say I grow fonder of his imaginative means in storytelling after each book. This is another episode in the book series with the title Conspiracy. This is book 1, but as I have stated in the previous review these are all standalone books, and can be read without having to read in order. But after reading this one, I cannot see anyone not wanting to read this continuing series about Conspiracy.

Lucian yet again created a fantastic read. I was thrilled and incapacitated in only wanting to finish this book. Lucian has a style that makes you want more, makes you want to become a part of the book. I love authors that allow you to experience firsthand what situations would feel like through there skilled writing.

Another fantastic descriptive story. Awesome characters. This is an interesting concept on the reality of the Cold War mentality. It's about KGB members, who left Mother Russia and defected to America. Now living in America, the years have passed. The old KGB members think they are safe in their new settings, but someone, a killer seeks out all those who defected to America. The FBI must solve the riddle.

I think what makes this book stand out, just like the others Lucian has written is that it feels so real. It comes across as believable. It’s as you’re watching a documentary, or news report on this reality in history, or the present killings of thuggery taking place. Lucian allows you next to the victim or the investigation taking place.

This is a quick read. A fast experience of imaginative storytelling that seems real, believable and something easy to comprehend. As I have stated before in the review I did for Lucian’s Conspiracy: JFK’s Second Shooter, this would make for a great television series. A weekly 1 hour, action drama of a different Conspiracy reality.

Russian Assassins in America is a fantastic read and something that I feel many will enjoy. Lovers of Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum, and Brad Thor well take to this book, and this series as being solid and sound in plot, characters, and execution.

Would I Return to it again: I love the two books I have read in this series, so yes, I would return to this series. Can’t wait to read the next one that I have saved as an eBook.

Would I Recommend? Absolutely. To all those who love a good story of intrigue, edgy history told in a modern-day setting.