The Silent Girls by Eric Rickstad

This is a wonderful mystery, plays out like an extra-long episode of a true crime show. Perfect woven characters. I think that's what stands out about the book is the characterizations. You become a part of these characters, specifically Investigator Rath and each one of the character's personas grow on you in a sense. I enjoyed the down-to-earth feel of these characters. Some of the characters are every day style characters. You probably know someone like one of these persons or you might be one of these characters.

Written in a dark tone because the mystery is thick and you really don't know what's happening or going on until the very end. The writer Eric Rickstad can grab the reader and make them want to turn page after page to find the complete ordeal happening. As the story gets closer and closer to its completion, there is a tight tension, an adrenaline racing through the reader as they follow along and you can't help but be mystified and totally enthralled at the complete mystery of the spider web of the tale taking place. You're the fly captured in it and you get to experience as the spider smoothly comes to devour its prey.

I felt this book. I really like this book. I think it became a complete beginning, middle and the end will blow you away. The characters grow on you in a way it’s hard to explain unless you have read it. The plot thickens and after the book, is a brilliant, amazing riddled mystery of suspense. A real ride of tension and religious and political rhetoric that can destroy innocent lives and the deep dark recesses of human monsters, their abilities and their wants and needs to put destruction first, leaving a path of bodies.