The Feedback Loop by Harmon Cooper

I was approached by the author and allowed to read an ARC edition of this book. Something happened during my reading that really has not happened before. The writer stopped me and resent another edition to me because the first had some file flaws in it. So, I read this book twice. I am happy that I could read the fixed edition.

This is the second book I have read by this author and I am growing fond of his imaginative ways, through his ultimate word play in creating characters, situations that truly entertain, and hold your interest. I found this book to be a unique story. Your main character Quantum is stuck in kind of a time slip. He must go about the same reality every day. There is a mix of science fiction with a character driven plot. I enjoyed the process of Quantum’s journey, as you slowly alongside him, unravel what is happening to him.

The book is hard to express unless you have read it. Its equal parts futuristic and equals parts dramatic. The ordeal is like entering the movie world of TRON with a touch of the TV series Quantum Leap. Which might I add is two of my favorite pieces of entertainment? It also mixes a dynamic understanding of humanity and a virtual altered state of humanity.

I find Harmon Cooper to be a fantastic storyteller of imaginative means beyond human thinking. I love his originality and most of all his characters. His plots are memorable and very fresh, original and plays along with your adventurous side. The Feedback Loop is a book I will not forget and absolutely love its premise. This is the start of series and I can’t wait to further the adventure of this unique, and oddly creative adventure of imagination. A great idea, caught in a continues LOOP.