The Cutting by James Hayman

Twisted tale of secrets, lies and most of all mystery. Concept of a drama yet mixed as a dark thriller. The skill of writing, gave a darker toned story that lingers on your mind. To best describe this book, it's like the thick plots of an Alfred Hitchcock movie meets the mind of John Douglas with a massive splash of fresh murder, all the while made of the uniqueness and originality of a twisted and brilliant imagination.

James Hayman's The Cutting was an amazing adrenaline thriller of a read. It kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end.

Would I Return to It Again: Absolutely? A true thrill-seeking book that leaves you wanting to reread it again. The beauty of this is, that it is a continuing series of further thrillers. This is a standalone book if you don't want to continue. It's brilliant and something to be re-read repeatedly.

Would I Recommend: Without a doubt, it's something that I highly recommend to anyone that loves mystery suspense, serial killer type murder mysteries. Truly a great book for the lover of suspense thrillers.

Book Length: 336 pages

Year Published: 2009

How I Read it: Nook

Four Words: Deep, Twisted, brilliantly written.