The Captain's Story by Marie Eddings

I was given this book in exchange for an Honest Review.

To call this a simple sex book or erotic story is an injustice. This gives a straight forward approach to the subjects of the story, with many twists and turns throughout the main characters. That is what makes this book very different is that it transcends many genres of book form. Not only is it sensual, such as a sexual exploration of oneself, but it is also, a deep, drama. I really liked how the author created the characters and gave them an ultimate voice through many realities of change and choices.

The author weaves the back story of Robert Thomas Temple, and creates the present through the diary, and research by your main character Marie. You can’t help but be totally fascinated with Temple’s character, and just what is going to happen next in his life. The up’s and downs are brilliantly weaved through word play. The actions of war, pain and sensual sex, creates an eye-opening reading experience that forever leaves a lasting mark upon you. Loved the drama. The story is dramatic, touching, heartbreaking, brutal, loving and sexy. It gives so much to the emotional department that one can’t help not putting the book down. I felt the character of Robert Thomas Temple as if, he was sitting beside me. I felt Marie inside the words a she become a part of you. I felt her telling the story. That is how vivid and emotional the story becomes.

Marie gives a voice to Robert and creates his life inside her narrative diary for you. This book is very graphic and erotic and is not for everyone because of that reality. It’s very sexy at times. Very graphic in both war time moments, and sexual exploration that causes the reader some, heat inducing moments.