Open Season by C.J. Box

This is an interesting book that gave a lot of story and a lot of action at times. I think the characters were very thought out and very vivid for the reader. The first part of the book flowed with ease. The middle seemed to linger. The end concluded that most readers would've already picked up on.

I think the major downfall to the book is it's very predictable. I already knew the basic story. This is the one bad thing about the reality with the book, is that it starts lingering. I felt the author was adding in a lot of stuff that didn't need to be. Even though this was creating more back story and more character to me it just felt like it was filler to make the book longer.

I got bored with the book. I think the book could have easily been chopped by 30 pages. That doesn't mean it's bad because I still thoroughly enjoyed it. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and the situation and ultimately the outcome. The book educated me and I did learn some things on the idea of animals and nature which was a plus. I always like learning new things. I think the book goes very in depth which is also a plus. The start of each Chapter has a learning quote about the rules of protecting the land and animals.

With the side story and the personality of your main character of Joe Pickett makes the book shine. Joe Pickett is a down to earth husband and father. Joe is so interesting of a persona that the reader feels they know him. The reader feels like shooting the s***, or having a cup of coffee with him. This is ultimately a mystery and a thriller. Very vividly painted on the page with beautiful scenery and almost a western style reality. Joe is a game warden. He protects the animals. He lives in a small town and all hell is about to break loose on Joe's watch. Joe must solve the ordeal of why there has been murder on his land that he is supposed to protect. He soon realizes there is a thicker plot and a cover-up running the situation.

An extraordinary beginning. The very first book of C.J. Box. This started a great series of books on the Joe character which continues, but this can be read as a standalone book which is a great experience because I don't like when books tend to cross over into other books, because if you don't like the first book you never get the conclusion so why move forward.

I feel the standout character in the book is Joe's daughter Sheridan the cute little girl described with a thought-provoking persona and a gifted mind of her own. Adventurous and innocent haunted by an unspeakable man. He wants to silencer her.

I think the true shining part of the book is the introduction of the endangered species of the weasels. Great little creatures in their own which just adds a wonderful cute and innocent approach along with Sheridan.

What I loved most about the book is the imagery and the wildness of the Wyoming territory that is the focus in this crime novel. This is a thriller set with the almost western backdrop, yet in a modern-day society. This is a backwoods game warden protecting his family and following through with this ultimate job.

I recommend the book. I think I will move forward and read more of Joe’s adventures.