Ice Ship: The Epic Voyages of the Polar Adventurer Fram by Charles W. Johnson

A Short Review:

I have always been a super fan of historical books dealing with old school adventurers. Men and crew who set out to explore the world in its most inhospitable regions. This is a spectacular book of history, education and the ultimate exploration of understanding as you get to go along with this Epic Voyage into the world of the Polar regions. This is lovingly put together. One of the best examples I have seen about the exploration of the Polar expeditions.

Charles W. Johnson put together a stunning portrait of this great adventure in historical reality. This hard-bound book is something to own. It's something that explorers and those who enjoy history and the reality of the golden age of exploration will absolutely love. Over 330 pages of history and most of all the impact of wonderful pictures of the crew and ship and exploration. This is possibly one of the best books I have seen put together in that you the reader can see the love, passion and fascination put into this book. It's not a mere coffee table book, it's a book of history, of historical value. A wonderful tool to teach with and showcase to others who understand and love the great idea of the once vast polar adventures.