IA: Initiate by John Darryl Winston

This is a very intelligent and top of the game book in creating memorable characters that last with the reader. The story sends the reader on a journey of one boy's discovery of unique and amazing abilities. I really loved the reality based setting. The tension of gang's and the often to real bullies in life. Naz is a character that comes to life in vivid detail that seems to pull on your emotional side. I think we all have a little of Naz in us. He is a character that I feel becomes the story and makes you want to take the quest with him. John Darryl Winston has written a story that sticks with you, creates images and situations and emotions that linger and create a magical yet believable ordeal.

I must pin point a few interesting realities to Mr. Winston. Winston is a Detroit Native. I am from Michigan, and lived in Detroit for 4 years. Michigan is a beautiful place but also has its rough reality in many spots. I live in Tennessee now but my Dad’s side of the family live in Michigan still and so I have a personal and emotional side attached to Michigan and so reading this book and knowing the author is from Michigan just adds a little more spark to my love for the book. This is a nice science fiction, suspense tale, that takes the love of the supernatural reality and mixes it with a comic book wonder, forms itself in a classic style urban tale of an unlikely hero. I grew up with the African American Comic Books Milestone by DC Comics with characters like Static Shock and Hardware, Blood Syndicate, Icon, Xombi, Heroes, Shadow Cabinet and so IA and the character of Naz took me back to that setting and reality of those comic books I loved so well. Milestone was a pioneering comic book company for their time and this book, IA, transcends that reality of comic book and folk lore style creation. John Darryl Winston created a fantastic book and lovingly formed a new character and a true adventure of wonderful means for the reader.

Mr. Winston sent you on a down to earth adventure into the reality and everyday life of a young boy who must come to terms with something so fantastic that it needs to be told. I hope more adventures and more spectacular elements of fiction spread into other books by John Darryl Winston.

In honesty, I didn’t want it to end. I needed more, want more and so give me more.

Would I Return to it Again: Absolutely in a heartbeat? Great beginning to great characters.

Would I Recommend: Another Absolutely. A perfect trip with a character that seems real. A character you can understand and feel. A character that is believable. I recommend on its wonderful character development and its situations we all can become a part of and understand. Simply put, it’s a great read.

Four Words: Creative, logical, character perfection.