The writing is fantastic because the characters are well developed, it brings a real-life atmosphere to them. The book flows with a writer’s style that captures the reader inside the book. Page after page you become a deep part of the tension, dread and dark horror inside. The writing showcases the in-depth reality as the normal slowly grows into the abnormal.

This book captures the classic appeal to a creature feature film. Slowly this book builds up and showcases what is to happen giving you little bits here and little bits there. The book is a quick read, one you find not letting go as page after page flows in your hands and word after word flows into your mind.

You want to as the reader to solve the horrifying mystery, to feel the terror and horror lurking inside the story, the suspense plays out thick and showcases an entertaining quality that not many books can grasp. The wonderful concept of imagination built around normal everyday life as old secrets give way to modern times.

You as the reader are sheltered deep into the story. You become locked inside the well. You become that lurking monstrosity, it becomes a truly unforgettable trip inside the world of horror. Shelter is a fine twisted read that lingers long after the last page. I enjoyed the deep mystery, the graphic horror, a well written book of great spine-tingling fiction.

This captures the true landmark appeal to what H.P. Lovecraft was about. A great original story of the back drop of history and myths and modern horror played out in a way that is believable.