IM by Rick R Reed

A wonderful amazing mix of pure tense story telling at its finest. A great bunch of emotions mixed inside the reader as you get through the complete book. Rick R. Reed is great at telling a horrifying story that last and sticks and makes the reader remember. A great page turner. You fill up with many emotions as you read. Each character and each emotion in every chapter has its own class that runs off the page and grabs the reader.

A book of pure written entertainment. A tense suspense mystery of murder. Bloodshed and graphic death at the hands of a serial killer which plays out in flawless detail. This reminds me of two classic movies 1980's Cruising and 1998's HARD, but this book also stands as a true original work of fiction that surprisingly seems reality based and most of all spooky in that it can happen and does happen. I believe Reed is a master writer and word play artist in grabbing the reader and holding onto them as the story unfolds and takes place.

The killer is a demented psycho and Reed writes him perfect. You are woven into the story, getting the viewpoints of the victims, the detective and the killer, giving you all sides, making it flow flawless. As you read, you consume and understand just what is happening. This is a nightmare induced story of electronic horror.

Currently with social networks, e-mails, instant messaging and so on, killers are everywhere. You just don't know who is on the other end waiting for their next victim, from a basher to a serial killer. The choice is frightening and this book displays the horror that so many takes for granted on just who they are talking to. Rick R. Reed can take the reader into a journey of suspense that is so tense at times you’re like, is this real.

One victim in Chapter 6 named Milt broke my heart. I could relate to him, felt his need for someone to love him, felt his need for someone to care for him or to care for. The buildup of this chapter and then the horrible actions dealt to him, took my breath away. Reed captured a moment as a masterpiece of writing, a moment that stirred emotions inside me, I felt pain for Milt, and as I read, I felt empty and ashamed like it was real. That is the power of Reed's writing.

This book is thought provoking, blunt, emotional and disturbing. Chapter 6 like the whole book was a pure read of tension and emotional reality that lingers with the reader and showcases inside the reader the dread and fear landscaped on the pages, Milts death really affected me, Reed knows how to write flawless.

The overall sensual and erotic love making between Ed and Peter is another dynamic wonder of Reed's writing, you feel the steam and the passion flow from the words. The whole book is a countless ordeal of pure images that the reader takes in. The descriptions of the atmosphere, to the descriptions of the brutal murdered victims, everything about this book is written for the reader to grasp.

I can tell you honestly one thing about this book and that Reed knows how to write a sick, twisted, demented psychopath. The descriptions of this serial killer’s actions, doing stuff to his victims before and after death is a nightmarish and haunting reality. Reed creates a flawless villain to add to the literature world.

I tell you one thing I would love to see a whole series of Ed as a private dick (no gay pun intended) or a whole series of him as a Detective solving crimes and going after psychos, I think it would be great. I know I would read them.

I was getting so use to this book, sitting cuddled under a blanket in my Queen Anne chair in front of the fireplace that I did not want it to end. Every noise in the house I thought it was the Blond-Haired Elf to kill me. But all good things must come to an end. This is a book I will remember. This is a book I will read again. This is a book that I will share and promote as being a true winner of suspense, mystery, gay serial killer horror, written in a flawless manner that the reader will always come back to.