Deep and Dark and Dangerous by Mary Downing Hahn

This is a Classic Creepy Tale of deep dark secrets and mystery running wild. A page turner in trying to figure out what is the truth and what will the outcome be. This is a great suspenseful tale and most of all it has the spine-tingling reality and that eerie atmosphere of what is happening. Hahn can grab the reader in the chilly reality of the tension in what ghost stories are about, those classic ghost type stories of thick mystery and a hair-raising ordeal.

This is like those deep secrets and lies hidden inside a family secret. That "Did you hear about the story of..." or "Where not supposed to talk about that..." or "Remember silence...”.

The writing is great in that each character is written out with emotions such as the attitude shows or the situation and atmosphere are all written out giving it a story that flows to capture a complete tale. Ali is a 13-year-old girl that readers can relate to with her questions and seeking answers and wanting to know the mystery of the torn picture and so on, the whole story comes together as a tale needing to be told.

Hahn gives you just enough mystery for you to tag along chapter after chapter. The spooky reality and the tense ordeal of a death and a ghost, cover up like situation, displays the very eerie moments throughout the book. You as the reader guess what’s going on in the first 70 pages, but just what the outcome and the truth of the past ordeal is, unknown, which pulls you along to solve the puzzle of the eerie tale. It's a tale that gets under your skin at times and plays and gives you Goosebumps upon your flesh.

A great book, a simple fun read for ghost lovers of all ages. The page after page ordeal leading up to the truth is filled with creepy moments that stand out. When the truth finally comes to light the tone of the book changes and you feel a certain compassion. The emotions switch gear as the true reality of the ghost and the past secrets, lies all come to light, in which to close the story.

Kind of like Nancy Drew mixed with an episode of Ghost Whisperer. The story is one the reader can understand, without having to guess or over destroy the mind in trying to figure out what is happening. The whole mystery makes this a fun, perfect little read of creepy reality that, I really enjoyed and felt I became a part of it.

A great story, great characters, great spooks, great settings, a great read.