Power Down by Ben Coes

Being this is the first book, a debut, this is what great writing is about. The skill and the passion put into this work is what being a great author should be about. The characters are built up amazingly and crafted in a way to be believed. The plot is believable and the reality of the action is sweet, to the point and amazing. The problem with a lot of authors this day and age is they ramble on and on about garbage that just kills the moment or stretches the book out to the point it gets boring, not in this one, this is to the point, it does not ramble on, it's fast, quick and amazing.

I beg you Ben Coes to not change your writing format. So many authors in the action or spy or delta or marine good guy books tend to ramble on as their series of books continue and I am hoping Coes does not do that because this book is where it's at. An action packed good time, a character we can all relate to, a simple name Dewey and a character that if you piss him off or do something he is going to get the job done.

This is a wonderful written action book that lingers on after you’re done, you smile at the moments that Dewey lays it out in the story upon the bad guys. The good guys and the bad guys are believable and reality type based. The problem is with a lot of action books they create these scenarios and weapons that don't exist and are just plain fiction but this book lays it out in truth and even though the ordeal is fictional it can be believed.

This gripping edge of your seat action packed story knows what it wants to say and do and the reader can grab hold of that tension, I think this is a new major thriller that leaves its mark upon the book world. This is a new character to grow with, to like, to adventure with. I believe Dewey is like the next Jason Bourne. Dewey is an action packed modern hero that all can relate to.

Excellent in the story telling, characters, plot and most of all writing. A gripping read of action and thrills that make the reader want more. The action is non-stop and if I had a rating chart here on my reviews, it's an easy five stars. All I can say is move over Brad Thor, Tom Clancy, Daniel Silva, Robert Ludlum because a new master is in the house and his craft is a Grade-A tour-de-force of story, action, page turning wonder that the reader becomes a part of.

I love it when I come across a good book and it just makes you feel great after reading it. That wonderful satisfied feeling. This book does that, it gives you a rush reading it and never lets you go and places you there in the ordeal and the action, building our main player in your mind and letting it go inside your imagination to fester itself and grow to the point you want more.

Amazing read.