Neverland by Douglas Clegg

Where to begin with this book. I love to come across books with thick plots and amazing story telling. This book is filled with an imagination that is hard to explain unless you have read the book. This plays out like a Grimm fairy tale yet a modern thick suspense and spooky reality to shock and amaze and dumb found and confuse and make the reader say, wow.

This is a unique and odd book that works in so many wonderful ways. This is truly a haunting and spooky book. I found myself questioning reading in the dark with a book light. I can say this book scared me and created lasting images inside my mind to haunt me. I felt chills while reading this book. I think what is so great is the down to earth wonderful appeal and characterizations of the main stars in the book.

The narrator of the story is telling you about his childhood one summer vacation. This is truly a modern deep gothic spine tingling tale that reminds you of H.P. Lovecraft. The Jackson family head on vacation to Gull Island to a family home, that the family comes to and meets every summer. They stay in their old family Victorian home which is a place filled with many tales of the southern nature.

Beau is the main star of the book and teller of the story of his unforgettable summer at the family home. His cousin Sumter who is always strange has a secret hiding in the old tool shack in the woods that the kids are not supposed to go to. Sumter says he has god kidnapped. This place, this wooden old shack forgotten by the family is named Neverland by Sumter. What the children do not know is the shack has a past, a secret.

A thick mystery from the olden days, a spot forbidden. There the kids are drawn to the place, playing inside the run-down walls to get away from the craziness of their family fights. There inside the dark shadowed place, the children begin to worship something, a creature of undesirable understanding. Sumter calls it "Lucy" and like all gods, they demand sacrifice.

This is a fresh dark book that stands out as a true one of a kind story thick with the classic writing of the southern gothic reality that lets the reader know it's different. The narration by Beau is awesome, funny and perfect in detail. The writing skill of Douglas Clegg makes him a modern master of literature.

This book is really a modern little masterpiece that will stand the test of time as being something never done before and yet are you ready for this, it was published in 1991 and yet it seems so fresh, original and downright hard to explain unless you have read it and if you have not then seek it out and give it ago.

This tale of terror, that’s truly disturbing mixed with children’s mischief and bleeds the supernatural. It is a modern horror classic. The haunting story is one of those books you can return to and want to read again. Truly a multilayered tale that gives the reader a step into the true ignition as a form to touch, embrace and even rationalize it. This psychological deep dark otherworldly tale enjoys playing with the reader and sending shocking little unforgettable moments, lasting moments to want the reader to let out a scream of their own.