Eye of the Neddle by Ken Follett

Ken Follett is a master at words and capturing those words in a brilliant story of suspense, deception, and a killer spy. Set during WW2. A ruthless one of a kind Nazi spy, who code-named The Needle is hard at work working for the victory of the Nazi's. This is truly a terrifying book of thrills and dangerous actions.

A great read with thick plotted actions and edge of your seat moments with pure tension to cause everything in the emotion department for the reader. This is not about explosions or shoot outs like James Bond type of spies, this is more believable and a reality based story. This is about those stealthy true spies.

The introduction to characters and the buildup of characters is a well thought out and flawless through actions by the author. They are re-latable and true. From Faber to Lucy both excellent written characters. Twists and turns. Surprises that work and are plausible. I think what really stands out is the pure cat and mouse like game.

Murders, secrets, thrilling ordeals give this book a stable that is often mesmerizing. Follett gives it his all in this excellent novel. I recommend this wonderful spy tale. A superb read of surprises, drama, action, suspense and just about everything you need in a great book. I do feel the descriptions place you there in England during the war and the characters are all mapped out and crafted, because this is a well plotted book.

I enjoyed all the emotions, the drama and the love reality all went well with the book, even though it was a WW2 spy book. Faber has a great weapon and Follett describes the murders in amazing detail.

I enjoy books that truly have a sense of real life history and when they weave fiction around them they end up creating a believable reality to the book. This is one of those books that stand the test of time and a book even though you know the outcome to WW2, it still works for the imagination. The best reasons the book works is the characters, because they are so crafted, that the reader becomes a part of the action, the spy like drama and most of all the thick suspense running wild from page to page.

This also was made into a 1981 movie by the same name and believe it or not the movie is very good, not as good as the book but it still captures the basic stance of the written word. The movie stars Donald Sutherland as Faber and Kate Nelligan as Lucy.

This was originally under the title of Storm Island in 1978 when it was published by the Penguin Group. This was the book that made Follet a successful novelist. He was awarded with the Edgar Award for Best Novel by Mystery Writers of America.

The whole book is a worthwhile treat for any lover of thick plotted WW2 action, suspense books that leave the reader breathless throughout a great tale.