Virgin River by Robyn Carr

This is a wonderful story of one lady’s journey to recreate herself. To find the beauty of life again after losing her true love to death. She sales everything packs up and heads to a small little town population 600. She is to be a nurse practitioner and midwife but when she arrives she is over her head with regret.

She starts to question what she was thinking. She is a city girl, an ER nurse, a shopping shoe fiend and now its fishing, hunting, woods and small-town talk and pot lucks. Soon Jack the local bar owner and Mel become friends and her attitude starts to slightly change as one life obstacle after another makes itself known.

This is a beautifully written book of life, love, romance, peace. This is my kind of town, my kind of reality, porch rockers, sun sets, pot lucks and everybody knows your name. Virgin River is a peaceful town that comes to vivid life through the wonderful writing.

This is a book that grows on the reader. Mel and Jack and Doc and all the players of this small town grow on you. I wanted to wake up in Virgin River and that is the reality of this book, it feels so real, so wonderful, and so passionate.

The relationship between the town folk and Mel is priceless. The growing romance between Mel and Jack makes me giddy with fluttering butterflies with the ideas of love and the companionship everyone wishes. The strong manly arms of warmth next to the soft bosom of beauty.

This book in a sense is peaceful. It’s believable. This book is like a life on page. You become the town. You become the friendly atmosphere. You become Mel and Jack and all those around town. A perfect simple romantic read of real people in real situations that one can relate to.

This book is about people and life. My favorite part of this book was Jack because so many books describe men as ass’ or sexy lustful fiends but this book created a wonderful patient, protective, caring man and he has a past that showcases the reader to care for him to want to protect him or fall in love with him or just give a huge bear hug and that is what Mel saw, she needed that comfort and Jack is created and explained in that perfect way.

This is a sweet feel good love story that I believe every woman and every man could relate to. It showcases the beauty of sense of community and small-town America. It created in me that fantasy and love of nostalgic life in a small town that I have always dreamed of and wish to live.

A Great Read