A Cry in the Night by Mary Higgins Clark

The Goddess of Suspense, The Queen of mystery. Mary Higgins Clark has always been able to capture the reader in down to earth stories of murder and mayhem. She can capture the characters and make them come to life.

They live off page and into the readers mind. This is another trip into her thick plotted characters and their actions and the reality of the mystery unfolding in that classic five and dime store book reality.

This is a mixed bag of a book, a backstory that leads to the present mystery taking place. Clark is a talent that grows on you. I grew up reading her style so she has always held an interest inside me. Her fans adore her but there are also those who do not like her writing so when going into a Clark book the best judgment is to see how you feel about her writing herself.

She is majorly over dramatic in her writing at times. Sometimes it’s like your reading a soap opera many times but that’s the beauty of these mystery suspense mela-dramatic dramas, there fun and senseless at times. If you have never read her work I suggest you read her older suspense books from the 80’s and 90’s and then work your way up.

This book is a quick read of basic classic style of mystery. Jenny and Erich meet. The story starts with a prologue that will leave you confused without answers and so you must read the story to capture the details of what is happening.

You quickly relate to Jenny, she is a single mom, raising two kids living in a crappy apartment, barely lives paycheck to paycheck, struggles with her job, food, babysitting, and then along comes a rich artist named Erich that seems to sweep her off her feet and becomes her knight and shining armor. Erich plants himself into every fa├žade of Jenny’s life.

The chemistry between the two works perfect and makes the reader smile and giggle at times in the romantic department of emotions. Erich treats her grand but is it too good to be true. Rich, handsome, thoughtful, caring and deeply, madly in love with Jenny or is it something else.

This is a fun escalating story of mystery and clue after clue builds to the front of the readers mind as slowly a peaceful story turns and twists into something far more. Jenny feels trapped, now that she is at the million-dollar ranch of Erich's estate, which is out in the middle of nowhere.

Every little detail or action seems to have her questioning the real reality of what is happening. A new life, a new husband and a mysterious new dark side of secrets, lies and cover-ups.

Is Jenny just paranoid or is her new surroundings just what her imagination has detailed. She is trapped yet loves the man that seems to trap her. The paranoia. The haunting aspect of losing your mind or at least everyone tells you that you are. This plays out like a classic style Gothic tale yet in modern days.

A woman trapped, haunted, ridiculed and imprisoned in her own home, mixing in the aspect of the possibility of a ghost or is it something far more diabolical. A twisted romantic thick mystery woven around the past and the lies that control it.

A pure delight to read with amazing emotions, suspense and anger, drama, tension and a twisted wonderful edge of your seat showdown.