The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel

Truly a magical adventure into the historical makeup of the past and the very nature of human evolution. An amazing entertaining down to earth story. This is a storyteller’s masterpiece of literature. Very imaginative, very descriptive and very original. A true one of a kind exciting reality of man’s first inkling of becoming.

You are introduced to a clan and a small 5-year-old child, who has lost her family and found almost starved to death, with infection and fever until a Clan of Cave like men and women (Cro-Magnon Man) passes her laying abandoned. A medicine woman known as Iza, widowed and pregnant finds the child half dead.

The leader of the clan pays no attention and passes the child up as if she is garbage, because she is not of their clan. She is one of the others, meaning the more modern looking human. The child’s clan has evolved more to resemble the modern human. Iza thinks the little girl is odd and different. She has a flatter face and small nose. Iza takes the child in and cares for her against her clan's wishes.

The story that unfolds is one that is a true enduring drama with action and mystery and in a sense the reader can relate and feel close to the story. It's an interesting tale of your inner ancestors. The past slowly evolves from the land to what we have today.

This is human kin, prehistory written in a believable form of human growth. The story is very intelligent. Very emotional. A true achievement of writing quality. You become a part of the clan. You become a part of those old human’s, because you can understand and feel. At one time we lived, breathed and evolved.

You focus is on Ayla the young 5-year-old left for dead, as she is the human race. She is the more evolved and to create things, tools, ideas, no longer the Caveman like human, she is a part of the future that strives to learn new things, to further their survival, whereas the Clan only do the basic stuff that has been passed down.

Jean M. Auel is a true god when it comes to creating a bestseller of pure believable fiction. She is a master. She gives you sensitive characters, brute characters, loving characters and hateful characters, and she develops her wonder into a true page turner of pre-history.

I highly recommend this book and its imaginative trip into the past. A must read.