In the Event of Full Disclosure by Cynthia Atkins

The greatest form of writing or expression and of literature is the art form of poetry. Poetry is the very fabric of the soul, the beating heart, the imaginative mind and the very recesses of life and death.

One can bring forth laughter, sadness and ultimate punishment by poetry. I am a lover of poetry. I've read poetry most of my life. I enjoy dabbling in writing it also. I am very fond when I come across a new poetry book.

There is a key in the world of poetry. Anyone can write poetry, but not everyone can be a true poet. Words must flow for meaning. A real poet must express the very recesses of existence, whether it be through laughter and silly tongue, or whether it be the dark leafy forbidding darkness of a path not taken, yet now one must.

To be honest I had only read two pieces of poetry of Mrs. Atkins when I came across her Facebook. I then could obtain this book through being a winner of a comment contest and so I was awarded this book.

I want to say thank you Mrs. Atkins for this opportunity to read and review your book. She did not know I would review her book, this is my own doing. Now I've had several books sent to me in the past or I'll come across a book and not know anything about a poet and sometimes that is the ultimate dread for me, because I'm an honest reviewer. Like I say anyone can write poetry but only some can be a true poet.

And let me tell you, Cynthia Atkins is a true poet.

The poetry inside this book is truly emotionally touching, mind opening and thought-provoking and structurally sound in perfect brilliance. I found myself reading over and over certain pieces that truly stand out as, perfect written poetry.

Cynthia Atkins poetry is brilliantly unmasked perfection in all its amazing word play.

Her poetry truly makes the mind think. It brings out many mixed emotions and creates a scenario of what it meant, of what it could be, of what it details.

I highly recommend this book of poetry for those who love amazing written word and for those who love amazing books that stand out and mean something.

She is a true powerhouse at creating emotions and imagery through wordplay.

She is brilliant at creating poetry to be remembered.


Just some of the amazing word play throughout:

Family Therapy (1) Page 33

Lines 32-36

I am my child's child, doomed
for failure. The father is my lover,
the sheets spilled his seed, something to hold. When I opened
my eyes, my father held out a puppy.


What the Blind See Page 25

Lines 22-23

The wide night turns on its darkness. Two empty swings, ample the wind.


Shelf-Life Page 39

Lines 7-10

All the morticians
have thumbed their noses
at mortality-then pitched us into distinction.


Terror in the Streets Page 56

Lines 9-11

Ticks picked off scalps like fleas on elephants.
Hell on earth-the literal tropes the earth.
Each grave used to be a parking lot.