Jimmy by William Malmburg

First off what I would like to pin point about the book is its descriptive nature, very well balanced for the reader, flowing in away the reader is placed inside the story and the images and actions of the main player Jimmy and the pain of the victims work in flawless detail as each ordeal is captured. The story comes together in ease, it glides off the page and automatically works in that you can relate or at least understand or sense the situation that is taking place. William Malmborg can create an atmosphere inside his book of dread and fear and a blunt undertone of reality horror that hides nothing back and gives it to you head on.

The way Jimmy is written works, who Jimmy is, is almost childlike in that reality of "because I can and that's what I want to do," or in all reality his sick and twisted ways in doing what he wishes upon another living human, that is what captures the reality based concept of who Jimmy is and just what makes his mind tick. The characters are well played you get the viewpoints and actions and thoughts from the bad guy plus the victims giving the reader a sense of understanding on both sides.

The depravity of Jimmy plays out right along with the pain and suffering Samantha is going through giving it more reality based for the reader. The descriptions inside Jimmy’s mind about women in bondage or about himself as the woman in bondage plays out well through the story as you slowly see the result of a mind slowly becoming sexually active in the reality of pain and suffering, and stepping over that boundary of what is too far.