First Aide Medicine by Nicholaus Patnaude

Some will like this, but most I think, will be confused. It might make no sense. It's got beautiful and deep words and awesome sentences of twisted, unique and odd imagery through its word play, but to me it did not flow into anything other than confusing the hell out of me at times, but that's just me. It was interesting and very different and yes very original. It reminds me of a dream, meaning, dreams are confusing and jumbled and you only get bits and pieces out of it and that's the way this book plays out. Loved the simple childish looking twisted drawings throughout. Almost every page or every other page had crude drawings or doddles.

The book reminded me of sometimes, one long piece of confusing poetry or non-sense strewed into paragraphs to make a narrative. I know it's original and genius and very dark and deep and haunting, but it also was mind numbing, confusing and just plain hard to get through. I think the biggest reality of the story is trying to fathom an image or a flow of the text, crafting something to think about, other then, what seems like one trying to explain what they saw during an acid trip (maybe that was the point).

The plot is about a man named Jack who is stuck inside his own world of pain and suffering because everyone he knows has left or disappeared and the one that haunts him most is the woman named Karen who is dead and now the whole story revolves around this reality, or at least that's what it supposed to be.

I think the best way to explain this book is: Hunter S. Thompson had anal sex with a mushroom, birthed the bastard child of Ingmar Bergman, all the while kissing the lips of Oscar Wilde.

I give applause, where applause is due, in that this truly is original. It flows like jumbled poetry, or better yet confusing poetry. Beautiful at times in that it's so different you can't help but say wow, or better yet "what the hell."

This is a mixed bag of a review, I can see why people would dislike it and I can see why people would like it. I am torn between both. I liked it for it's odd, weird and very original reality and its poetry inducing orgy but I also dislike it for it's confusing set up and structure. In the end, I like it, more then I dislike it.

Would I return to it again: Nope, I barely got through it the first time without having a migraine, but I still love it for its odd twisted word play and very static inducing confusion of an ordeal laid out through words that rape words, to complete a conclusion?

Would I Recommend: Only to those dropping acid or those who are open minded to words playing with themselves in a jumble, jump rope ecstasy.

Book Length: 128 pages (Most pages having drawings on them)

Year Published: 2013

How I Read It: Paperback

Four Words: Confusing, Weird, Nonsense, Nightmarish